Kinetic Internship

A year out with New Generation Church


Live life of purpose through an internship experience at New Generation Church.
Engage with the foundational practices of spiritual formation, leadership development, personal discovery and vocational opportunities.
Create confidence in your calling and install more bandwidth for the future. Get a better understanding of who you are, the future and God’s vision for you.


Kinetic includes:

  • Hands on ministry moments, being trained by leaders and pioneers from industry and Church.
  • A coordinator and discipler who will meet with you regularly to train, challenge and shape you.
  • Opportunities to be mentored serve and explore through kid’s clubs, youth work, community action, retreats, personal coaching and work experience with New Generation Church and its related projects.
  • Bible teaching, vocational training and personal study.
  • A four week summer mission; Lark in the Park (in Sidcup and Ramsgate).
  • Opportunities to travel, including two international trips to Denmark (no additional cost) and an option for additional international trips to Malawi, India and Burma (additional cost).
  • Opportunities to serve and develop your gifts in more specialist areas of your choice including: 
Schools Work, Youth Work, Kids Work, Community Action, Administration and Events, Work with the Elderly


Kinetic runs from September to August and there are various, flexible tracks available, the length varies from anything from 3 months to 10 months.
If needed, you will be accommodated with a family from the church.



Filled in form to be returned to New Generation Centre or sent to


To find out more details contact New Generation Church
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