New Gen Christmas Giveaway 2019


Every Christmas we give away lots of luxury Christmas Hampers to those who are heroes in our community, in need in our community or those that have had a particularly difficult year.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Nominate someone you know to receive a Christmas Hamper from New Gen. You can nominate someone in the community who you think is in need of cheering up this Christmas. Maybe someone who has had a tough year, is unwell, struggling financially or suffered a bereavement. Or, it could be a nomination for a ‘local community hero’ – someone who always goes the extra mile for others and someone you would like to thank for their contribution to the community.  All nominations must be received by 5pm on Sunday 1st December.

Give in our special offering at Church on Sunday 1st December. All of the money we receive goes towards buying and filling the hampers with lots of lovely treats.

Come along and help on our Giveaway Day. We will be packing, wrapping and delivering the hampers on Saturday 14th December. We start packing the hampers at 9am and then head off in our community groups at 11.30am to deliver the hampers.


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