Wildfires Festival


28th-30th May 2018 – Wiston House, West Sussex

Wildfires is a festival bringing communities together to experience God’s presence. It’s a festival that has been born out of a desire to encounter God, to make friends and to invest in our young people. Throughout Wildfires there will be opportunities for all generations to creatively and prayerfully engage with spaces devoted to delving deeper with God.

Wildfires Festival is for all ages with multiple venues across the event site. We are committed to providing an outstanding children and youth programme that will inspire our young people into a place of encounter, friendship and discipleship. Students and adults will come together for the main adult programme but bespoke learning opportunities will be available in afternoon seminars as well as some brilliant spaces being created to simply hang out and be together.

Find out more about Wildfires here. 

How to book

We have a group area reserved, which means it’s important to book using this link so you are allocated to our group area on the site. http://bctickets.group/wildfires/new-generation-church.




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